Memory Supplements: The Top Five

by admin on July 22, 2013

If you are looking for a supplement that will help improve your memory, mood, and overall cognitive functions, then you have no need to look any further. Here we have the list of the 5 best memory supplements today according to efficiency, user reviews, and price. Our comparison table also provides sources for the best prices and/or discounts.

Rank #5 Super Brain Booster

Super Brain Booster is a product by Wellness Resource, a company co-founded by renowned clinical nutritionist Byron Richards who has helped thousands of individuals in naturally improving their health. The supplement is fueled by a blend of Alpha GPC, Vinpocetine, Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, and organic Bacopa extract. These nutrients are known to support optimal cognitive function, improve memory, focus, and learning, increase brain circulator, and enhance brain energy and mood.

Although very few reviews from actual users can be found on the web, this product made it to our list due to the company’s reputation and reliability.

A bottle of Super Brain Booster by Wellness Resources containing 90 capsules can  be purchased for $28.80

Rank #4 Omega Brain Performance

Omega Brain Performance by Rainbow Light is a multivitamin that delivers potent Omega 3 fatty acids to promote optimal brain function and healthy aging. This supplement is sourced from Peru and is 100% natural. It is free of artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, additives or preservatives which are commonly found in other vitamins.

This natural supplement which comes in soft gels has garnered positive reviews from actual users. Many are saying that regular consumption does indeed boost clarity and focus.

A bottle of Rainbow Light’s Omega Brain Performance containing 60 soft gels costs $32.99 but is currently sold for $19.60 at Amazon.

Rank #3 Methyl B12

The name alone suggests that the key ingredient of this supplement is Vitamin B12 – one of the most vital nutrients for the brain. Methyl B12, Methylcobalamin by Jarrow Formulas is formulated to promote eye function against toxicity, healthy sleep, and protect brain cells and nerve tissues. Among all forms of vitamin B12, Methyl B12 is better absorbed and retained.

This supplement which comes in cherry flavored lozenges has garnered tons of positive feedback. Users have reported improvement in memory, energy, and performance.

Another reason why this supplement is favored by many is because of its price. One bottle of Methyl B12 which contains 60 lozenges can be purchased for only $14.69 at Amazon.

Rank #2 Procera AVH

Landing on the second spot is a doctor-developed and clinically tested brain and memory booster particularly formulated to improve memory, focus, mental clarity, mood, and other cognitive functions. Procera AVH had been well researched and tested for 50 years to ensure its efficiency and safety. The key ingredients include Acetyl-L-carnitine (A), Vinpocetine (V), and Huperzine-A (H).

Although it contains no stimulants, Procera AVH will make your brain sharper, more alert, and awake. Real user reviews on this supplement can substantiate reported clinical trials. Users are saying that regular use of the supplement has made them mentally sharp and active.

Retail price of Procera AVH is $39.95. The product’s official site, however, has a limited time offer where you can take advantage of buying 2 bottles and get additional bottle for free.

Rank #1 Happy Calm Focused

Securing the top spot is Happy Calm Focused (HCF). This brain supplement is equipped with abilities that are not typically found in most brain or memory supplements. Happy Calm Focused is an amino acid formula with micro-nuero nutrients that specifically targets the brain by penetrating the blood brain barrier – something that no other memory supplement can do. It promotes the increase of ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters which are responsible for making you feel happy, calm, and focused all the time.

Users are saying that regular consumption of Happy Calm Focus improves mood, mental focus and concentration. Reviews also reveal that the supplement also increases and sustains energy levels, and promotes overall wellness.. Apart from its unique formula and benefits,  Happy Calm Focused has received a great number of favorable feedback because of the company’s good reputation.

Happy Calm Focused is a bit on the expensive side but if you to its official website, you can take advantage of the VIP offer which includes 75% discount and free shipping on your first bottle.

Side-by-side Comparison

Brand / Recommended
Place To Buy
EfficiencyPriceUser Ratings
Happy Calm Focused
Procera AVH
Methyl B12
Omega Brain Performance
Super Brain Booster


While all these memory enhancing supplements have been proven effective by actual users, it is clear that Happy Calm Focused outshines the rest due to its unique and proven formula that delivers targeted results. Further details about HCF and what actual users are saying can be found on our in-depth review on Happy Calm Focused.

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